House with American flag on side

Our goal is to help you find your dream home. We understand you do a lot for this country and make many sacrifices. You won’t have to when you use CLE Veterans for all of your Real Estate needs. Our members know the military and public service because we are you! Each of us served or have a parent/spouse who served. Our commitment to you is first and foremost.

Home Buying 101

CLE Veterans streamlines the real estate process. Our experts’ years of experience evolved the process to a pleasurable and exciting experience. We move at your pace to be where you want to be. We will assist you in marketing your home for the best value and stage it so it sells quickly.

For the buyers, we will get you the best in the market. The team will ensure your purchase is done systematically and efficiently. We want you to get the most for your money. Our team knows the market and we will get you the home you want.

Don’t settle for reduced rates. That only gets you reduced service. To us, you’re more than a sign in the yard—your family.

Business Networking

We believe in supporting the Veteran network. During your
relocation, we will connect you to Veteran business owners in your area. If you need a job, we will connect you to someone hiring too!